Cornwall Guitar Academy guitar tuition ranges from helping absolute beginners to helping some already excellent players improve their solos or chord knowledge. Many often find themselves doing the same old scale shape therefore getting into a rut or hitting the wall so to say. However, walls can be knocked down and stepped over and that is the Cornwall Guitar Academy approach to teaching. We aim to show you something different. Knowing some theory can make you more aware of what is available and give you more options. In fact in one lesson we can show you how to remember every note on the fretboard, yes all 6 strings!

We like to have fun teaching and want to make all our students feel confident and give them genuine commendation on their improvement. John Bruce is an approved tutor and member of the RGT. Up till now he has had some 55 students complete exams with results of 50 distinctions, 4 merits and 1 pass, he has even had a 6 year old doing an exam! We love to see their faces when they get that certificate, it’s obvious that they see that practising pays off! John has made lots of DVD’s which are shared with students on how to practise and how to pass their exams.

So, if you want to learn new songs, need help with writing, wish to improve your knowledge on theory or understand more what you’re doing on the guitar, or even take an exam, then get in touch, Cornwall Guitar Academy can help!