When I was young I was fascinated with the guitar. At the age of 14 I would sneak into my brothers room and secretly play his guitar till I got caught! A week later when my brother sold me his guitar I couldn’t put it down and played all day long and the rest is history.

I was self taught which meant I had lots of bad habits I had to correct later on, I was always a good lead guitar player but pretty poor on rhythm.

When I started teaching I sat down and learnt all my chords and focused on how to navigate through the fretboard and understand where to find all the notes. This has increased my playing ability and helped me to use many techniques like tapping etc; If you’re thinking of having lessons and aren’t sure about it then come along and have a free taster session! Don’t blag it like I did learning to make the right choices immediately makes such a difference and we have amazing ways of learning the guitar.

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